Bits: 8.13.09

Send a note to airport X-ray operators with Evan Roth's TSA Communication, steel inserts for carry-on bags

• Shimon Naveh, former co-director of the Israeli Defense Force's Operational Theory Research Institute, says students there read John Forester, Gregory Bateson and Clifford Geertz. Lessons on military and guerrilla operations "employed the language of French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari," according to Eyal Weizman. Via @jaymjordan.

Free ideas for rightwing poster art (KISS Pelosi!).

• Pruned posts on the oddly beautiful soil maps of Africa, via GlobalSoilMap.net.

• Gawker: "Shepard Fairey, career vandal, applied 'anti-graffiti coating to the walls' of his LA gallery. Wack."

• A "permanent" graffiti wall by Brad Downey... in mosaic tile.

Favify your website. Whatever that means. Via Wax by the Fire.

Skeletal kids-room wallpaper.

• Via Gothamist, a creepy breastfeeding doll.

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