Bits: 08.26.09

No. 225 by Henrijs Priess, used with permission

• Latvian artist Henrijs Priess "translates archetypal symbols from Islam, Judaism and Christianity into textured paintings composed of gold, silver and red. His abstract paintings are constructed in a process that recalls the practice of alchemy."

• Photographer Tod Seelie continues his bike trip through Indonesia, meeting up with kids on "crazy tall bikes."

• Graffiti-writing is on the rise in China, but don't expect any political messages (save the occasional pro-government throwup).

• Art:21's "Gastro-Vision" series continues with a look at Atom Cianfarani's new Welcomed Guests, ten poles fitted with local wine casks to provide homes for nesting birds.

Reboot yourself, as artist Kristin Lucas did, by legally changing your name to the one you've already got.

• Artist Li Wei is a superhero, but probably not as huge as Bruce Lee, Bob Marley or any of the other icons commemorated in monuments in eastern Europe.

• What's on Dick Cheney's bookshelf? Nesting dolls of him, Colin Powell and others of George Bush I's cabinet.

• Mark your calendars: On Sept. 17, I'm participating in the Weisman Art Museum's WAM Chatter. In conjunction with their Rauschenberg show Currents, I'm one of three journalists doing pecha kucha–style presentations on the topic "What is news now?"

• That same night you can support St. Paul's Forecast Public Art at a fundraiser with music, live art and more.

Time's Richard Lacayo on Ted Kennedy.

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