Bits: 08.04.09

Kawano Takeshi via Another Limited Rebellion

• Green Thirteen looks at the horticulture of New York's High Line, while Curbed looks at another kind of green: the beaucoup bucks it takes to maintain the new park. "Average city parks get $9,555 per acre for upkeep, while the High Line is expected to get $522,488 to $671,641 per each of its total 6.7 acres, which would put the larger Bryant Park at a distant second." (Via Hrag)

• LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan is PO'd that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has put its film program on hold. The museum has opened a forum to discuss the decision.

• Jasper Johns tells James Rosenquist a joke: "This turtle was walking along and it was robbed by two snails. The turtle called the police, and when they asked him [what happened], the turtle said, 'Well I don't know, everything happened too fast." Via AFC.

The Dawn of (Helvetica) Man via Utne.

• "Dondi, Zephyr, and J. Walter Negro in an Anna Wintour fashion spread from from New York Magazine," March 1982.

Søkkømb guillotine from Ikea (not really), the "new low-cost product designed specifically for all those citizens who are so interested in Do-It-Yourself Justice."

Pictures of people jumping into water.

• I'm particularly fond of Kat Lane's Jabba the Hut: The Early Days from the exhibition Stitch Wars.

Crappy taxidermy. Via Coudal.

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