Bits: 07.02.09

Fred Stonehouse, Celestial Poet, acrylic on panel, 2008

• Tonight LA's Peres Projects opens the group exhibition Minneapolis, which "considers the implications of Minneapolis, its legacy and impact on everyone who has never been there." While the show says my home base is in many respects "the ideal American city, where coexisting cultures thrive, and in turn breed successive generations of even more creative, talented inhabitants," it doesn't seem to feature many (any?) Minneapolis-based artists.

Mud stencils!

• On Tuesday night, pal Kemi and I checked out the High Line Park Renegade Cabaret, an impromptu performance of torch songs by singers on the balcony of an apartment along New York's new elevated park. (My shot of the performance.) The brainchild of resident Patty Heffley, the performances are an "extreme response to extreme circumstances" -- 31 years of privately drying laundry on her balcony, now interrupted by throngs coming to see the (fabulous!) High Line Park. (HLPRC on Facebook)

• Exposure doesn't pay the rent: artists say no to Google projects because the filthy-rich company won't pay.

Hrag wonders how much the value of Dana Schutz's 2005 painting The Autopsy of Michael Jackson went up in recent days.

• NYC Exhibition: Iran Inside Out at the Chelsea Art Museum through Sept. 5. (ArtInfo calls it a "must-see.")

• Here's to alternative spaces in Minneapolis: The not-quite-defined West Bank Social Center opened last week; and local art collective Hardland/Heartland is making a small shack in the Wedge neighborhood available for creative projects. "It can be used for anything from presenting your findings or selling your wares to distributing agitprop or engaging in summer conversations. There are no posted hours, the shop is simply open when it is active."

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