Bits: 05.14.09

Tomás Saraceno testing Girasol, part of the Walker Art Center solo exhibition Lighter than Air, opening May 14.

• Swoon and Co. set sail on Tuesday from Slovenia, bound for the Venice Biennale, on a fleet of artist-manned (and womanned) handmade rafts. Safe journey to the entire Swimming Cities of Serenissima crew!

• Ohio University's School of Interdisciplinary Arts hosts "Art and Terror," a conference addressing heady questions like, "What is the nature of terror as it has found and continues to find expression in arts? How do experiences and representations of horror vary across cultural and historical boundaries?" May 15-17, 2009.

• Video: Artist Leonardo Drew discusses an incident that happened while "steaming canvas" for his large-scale installations. His mid-career survey Existed opens May 15 at Houston's Blaffer Gallery.

• To what depths will Judith Supine sink to install guerrilla art?

• A gallery of classic album covers reimagined as if designed as Pelican books.

• Continuing a recent theme, here are a few new Trek bikes with paintjobs designed by Barry McGee and KAWS.

• Utne pal Jeff Severns Guntzel reblogs Paddy Johnson's eight fallacies about contemporary art.

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