Bits: 05.11.09

• Audio: Marcel Duchamp explains the readymade (via PS1's ArtonAir.org). 

 • Filmmaker Kim Longinotto on why she chooses the subjects for her films: "The people who have a lot of power and influence are usually not as interesting as the people that don't." 

• Former Walker curator, Laundromat Project backer and Creative Capitol grant guru Kemi Ilesanmi is guest-blogging this week at Art:21

 • Adrian Piper has been collecting and bottling her hair and fingernail clippings since 1985. The work will be complete when the ashes from her eventual cremation fill the final bottle. 

 • Architect David Burney says if Bush was the MBA president, Obama is the design president: Obama "possesses a genuine understanding of design and open source thinking. He is a gifted communicator who aligns perfectly the form/media of his messages with the content he’s delivering. His principles, words and actions are in sync." 

Eugenio Merino is back with PRETTY MURAKAMI, a sculptural caricature of the famed Japanese artist in a Julia Roberts Pretty Woman get-up. 

 • Mp3s of 1980s performances by artist Mike Kelley with Sonic Youth and others.  

• Found art: "Signaltheorist took a long exposure photo of a Roomba vacuuming his room in the dark." Via @plntprpgnda 

Spock Obama

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