Bits: 04.27.09

Stencil by Broken Crow, Milwaukee, Wis.

• Minneapolis' John Grider of Broken Crow (above) and Brooklyn's Logan Hicks of Workhorse Visuals are being set loose on an abandoned bank in Brooklyn this week: Broken Horse will be the temporary installation of their collaborative work in the former Hamilton Savings & Loan Building. The opening reception is May 1; the following night Grider will be part of the Artbreak Gallery (Williamsburg) exhibition, The Great Out Doors.

John Perreault: "Currently art is not global; but art education is. The stress-free Generational feels like, looks like, smells like any MFA thesis show that one might happen upon anywhere in the world." Via South 12th.

• Your own, personal Zaius! The Hollywood Wax Museum is auctioning off old stuff, including waxy resemblances of B.A. Baracus from The A-Team, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gerald Ford and others. Via @artnetdotcom.

• Peter Eleey on the human skeleton buried in an unmarked location on the Walker Art Center grounds by artist Kris Martin: "Kris wanted to take a human skeleton that had been used for medical research and to bury it in an unmarked site, so this person who had been objectified would have a dignified resting place. You know it's there, but the anonymity makes it a powerful symbol of death itself... Kris' piece reminds us of how we treat our war dead. Until recently we didn't even allow photos of their coffins covered with flags. His piece only achieves the right to explore this issue because it's fundamentally rooted in a gesture of respect."

• VACUM, the Visual Art Critics Union of Minnesota (or VACUM), is officially dead, as is Conde Nast's media publication, Portfolio.

• Etching: Dürer's "Apocalypse" (my favorite might be The Dragon with Seven Heads).

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