Bits: 04.19.09

Jason Lazarus, Untitled (2008), via i [heart] photograph

Rest in Peace: Novelist J.G. Ballard.

• The idea of making fake utopian newspapers is catching on: The Yes Men's faux New York Times (Nov. 2008), a ginned-up Financial Times (Mar. 2009); and Attac's forward-looking fake Die Zeit, distributed in 90 cities across Germany last month.

The Guardian's Jonathan James: "The reason I don't like street art is that it's not aesthetic, it's social. To celebrate it is to celebrate ignorance, aggression, all the things our society excels at. For middle class people to find artistic excitement in something that scares old people on estates is a bit sick."

• Smash for Cash: An emergency stash of bills installed near an ATM machine, by Imbue.

Fire graffiti by Ellis Gallagher.

• Trailer: Food, Inc.

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