Bits: 04.09.09

A Mark Wagner dollar-bill collage, via SynapseCollapse.

Buy:COLLECT, an exhibition curated by Yuri Arajs and Robyne Robinson opening this Saturday at the Bookman Stacks, Minneapolis, with works by Aesthetic Apparatus, Frank Gaard, Amy Rice, Ben Olson and others.

• Desperate plea for attention: artist flies banner on New Museum facade that reads, "Please New Museum show my work." (Via C-Monster.)

• Also via C-Monster, Yayoi Kusama-designed cellphones.

• Trailer: Crips & Bloods: Made in America, a new documentary by Stacy Paralta (Dogtown and Z Boys, Riding Giants).

Guerrilla slide installed by artists Stefan Benchoam and Christian Ochaita in Guatamala City "as a protest against Mayor Alvaro Arzu, for his lack of interest in providing the City with adequate public areas for recreation."

• Free Artist's Talk: Mark Bradford at the Walker Art Center, Sunday, April 19.

Roger Ebert compares Bill O'Reilly to a mouse with an erection.

• Chia President: Walgreen's pulls Barack Obama Chia Pet after receiving complaints.

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