Bits: 03.26.09

Sam Spenser's Bloom, via rebel:art

• Obama and the arts: "[T]he three lesser appointments Obama has so far made in the cultural arena — a Chicago lawyer named Kareem Dale, a Hollywood fund-raiser named Jeremy Bernard, and an Obama Senate staffer named Anita Decker — have been strange at best and, at worst, deflating. None has much arts expertise; what they do have are political connections."

Mussolini's Rome bunker transformed into a contemporary art gallery.

• George Orwell's adopted son recalls his dad's “heart of deep paternal affection.”

• Bachelard, Benjamin, Bey.... An experimental geography reading list compiled by Rhizome's Marisa Olson.

• LACMA takes a look at Jedediah Caesar’s Gleaners Stone, a public sculpture in Culver City "assembled from resin, pigment and various found objects culled from the environment and the artist’s studio."

• Video: A 2007 "urban camouflage" performance in Stockholm.

• After art and politics, Art:21 takes on art + economics, and they want your input.

• Weatherization rap: M.I.A.'s Paper Planes becomes an ode to double-pane windows. ("We've got fewer leaks than the KGB.")

• KFC seems to think that filling potholes (and spraypainting their logo on the black fill piles) is going to make me want to fill my belly with their fried chicken.

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