Rage on the rails: Political graffiti on freight cars

Just Seeds, the Portland, Ore.–based activist art cooperative posts a series of photos of freight-car graffiti murals that express outrage over current events. Inked by "ALB," the all-caps pieces spell out BAILOUT, IMPEACH, and POVERTY (accompanied by a cartoon image of Scrooge McDuck). The pieces often include smaller type: "Secret Prisons," "Liars, Killas, Cronies," "Consolidating Power." The local angle: The BAILOUT mural is paired with a character created by the Twin Cities' own Deuce 7.

Update: A Flickr search for ALB -- the Abe Lincoln Brigade -- yields a few more.


Anonymous said...

Wow, someone sure has his/her Old West style saloon lettering down pat.

Anonymous said...

I love rail car graffiti. As a high school kid in NE Montana it was interesting to see what the Big City was sending our way.