The Piñata Factory

As Twin Cities homeless people take over foreclosed homes in a kind of "modern underground railroad," Chicago's Piñata Factory enlisted more than 100 Chicago-area kids to create hundreds of colorful piñatas -- filled with functional blankets -- and place them under overpasses to raise awareness of homelessness. Watch the Current's video.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Co-op Image, and Mike, and the other people involved whom I don't know, some notice. They deserve it - they do great things.

If people are interested in contributing in the future, the place to look is www.coopimage.org.

(I used to work with them, although I wasn't involved with the Pinatas.)

There is an interview of sorts with Mike Bancroft, who's at the center of the always collaborative Co-op Image at www.5questions.areachicago.org

They also, by the way, make a mean hot sauce.