The day in bacon

• "For the entire month of February, 2009, I, Michael J. Nelson will eat nothing but bacon." So reads the first line of a blog post introducing this fantastic, fatty feat by Minnesota's own star of Mystery Science Theater 3000. At Rifftrax, our own version of Morgan Spurlock is chronicling his adventure, which comes with a caveat: He's allowed to consume beer, wine, martinis and water, in addition.

• The World's Best Ever dubs this bacon bra "the perfect Valentine's Day gift." For whom?

• You can't mention bacon without Bacon: News out today is that actor Kevin "Six Degrees of" Bacon was on the list of high-profile individuals who were suckered by Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

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Emily said...

I think a bra of cooked bacon would be sexier (obviously after the grease cools). You could crumble it off into bacon bits.