Bits: 02.26.09

Pages from Artforum cut to the exact size of $100 bills and banded, by Scott Nedrelow

Artist Lawrence Swan: "Someone I know commented that Damien Hirst, by bypassing the dealers and taking his work directly to the auction house, screwed with the system and offered a 'critique' of the market. He gamed the system, he didn’t critique it. I’d argue that Bernie Madoff’s performance art was a more profound critique of the market itself, or made a critique unavoidable, by exposing our whole system as a pyramid scheme.On the other hand, aesthetically (and you may quote me on this), Hirst puts the 'formal' back in formaldehyde."

• Twin Cities artist and writer Andy Sturdevant "investigates the shadow gallery circuit of in-home exhibition spaces, and talks with these DIY gallerists about the hows and whys of opening their homes to the public to show artwork."

• As Justin finds it interesting that MuseumsSuck.com doesn't allow comments, Utne Reader calls out a Brendan Kiley piece from The Stranger on the "ten things theaters need to do to save themselves" -- many of which could apply to visual arts venues as well.

Paul Villinski's Emergency Response Studio is a solar-powered, mobile artist's studio, repurposed from a salvaged FEMA-style trailer.

• Adbusters is holding a contest to design the "One Flag," a flag to represent the entire world. Here's the 32 finalists. Via Another Limited Rebellion.

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