Bits: 02.24.09

Modified MoMA ad showing an Andreas Gursky photo, via Artinfo.

• Since Feb. 10, MoMA has been doing marketing blitzes in which they buy up every ad space in select New York subway stations. Last Saturday night, such a "station domination" got dominated itself. Ads in Brooklyn's Atlantic/Pacific Street station were modified by a street artist: Nan Goldin’s photo Nan and Brian in Bed was tweaked to show Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flintstone (the MOMA logotype altered to read WILMA), Andreas Gursky’s Ratingen Swimming Pool with the addition of what looks like the Fail Whale, etc.

• Ten-year-old dubbed the "female Banksy." Via @cmonstah.

Kerry James Marshall's 27 x 32' murals depicting George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's homes go on view at SFMOMA on Thursday. Visible Means of Support: Mount Vernon and Visible Means of Support: Monticello, commissioned by the museum, include mazes, optical illusions and hidden images of slaves.

• This Thursday at noon, Rev. Billy is announcing he's running for mayor of New York.

• Via @walkerartcenter we learn that mnartists.org has made some new tweaks which allow for larger photos and easier editing by users. A welcome change.

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Hrag said...

Looks like the Brooklyn station didn't get dominated as much as commissioned...check it out. But now MoMA is denying it. Sounds like art schemes are getting as complicated as financial ones.