Bits: 02.16.09

Detail of a project by JR, the "hippest street artist since Banksy," in Kibera, Kenya.

• Yoko Ono does the "25 things" meme.

• Peter Schjeldahl on Shepard Fairey's ICA Boston show: "I found myself regarding the show as strangely wholesome, like a vaccine that defeats the virus it imitates. It’s as if Fairey meant to ridicule rebellion." [Thanks, Jake.]

Bruce Sterling launches the Imaginary Gadgets project, "a catalog of the weirdest things imaginable."

• Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" in Legos. [via]

Horses in street art.

• Sarah McLachlan's "World on Fire" music video cost $150,000. See the breakdown of where the money went.

• Apparently, this is the thing to blog about: The Simpson's new title sequence, now in HD.

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