Bits: 02.06.09

Satellite news truck at Obama's inauguration by Christian Tribastone

• The ICI's exhibition Experimental Geography, " featuring CLUI, Raqs Media Collective, Trevor Paglen, Francis Alÿs and others, opens today at the Rochester (Minn.) Art Center. Who knew? Here's an interview with exhibition curator Nato Thompson if you want to brush up. Update: My writeup of CLUI's land-use database for Minnesota and the exhibition.

• In his "Come hell or high water" post, William Shaw links up art projects dealing with climate change and rising sea levels, including Eve Mosher's piece chalking out high-water lines in New York and Chris Bodles' Watermark Project, beginning this week, which does essentially the same thing, but with projections indicating what rising waters would mean for Bristol, England.

• Artist Laylah Ali's fascination with depictions of American flags and Michael Phelps' teeth -- captured on video.

• Ready for re-mixing: Audio of Barack Obama dropping a few F-bombs and such, from the audiobook version of Dreams For My Father, which he narrated. (The verbiage is attributed to Obama's former classmate, Ray, but it'd be nice to hear the president using such color commentary on certain bailout recipients.) Update: Via a C-Monster tweet, the first (?) of the mixes.

The Disposable Memory Project is "leaving disposable cameras around the world, in the hope they'll be picked up; passed on; and eventually return home full of photographs."

Akzidenz Grotesk projected all over the city.

• Today at TED: The invite-only forward-thinkers confab, TED, continues today with talks by Studio Museum curator Thelma Golden, jazz great Herbie Hancock, artist Natasha Tsakos and others.

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