Fuck Yoga: "Eleanor Roosevelt meets her post-modern doppelganger"

Hrag Vartanian, posting on a recent visit to the Smithsonian's exhibition of presidential portraits, snaps his friend husband's non sequitur Eleanor Roosevelt t-shirt along with the portrait that inspired it. "Fuck Yoga," a little Googling reveals, was the phrase New York's Barnaby Harris put on a joke t-shirt he made for his yoga-loving wife for her birthday. It's since become something of a movement.

"Jackie Gleason didn’t do yoga, either did Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt or any Pope ever," he writes. "Yoga has survived for thousands of years and will survive for thousands more. It’s just that it has gone unopposed for too damn long."


hr_g said...

brilliant find Paul, but Veken is my husband :)

Paul Schmelzer said...

But he's your friend, too, right? ;) Fixed!