RNC Graffiti: Greed Over People

Two weeks in front of the Republican National Convention, graffiti playing with the acronym G.O.P. is beginning to appear in the Twin Cities. The first showed up on the back of the iconic Grain Belt bottle-cap sign on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, but others are cropping up elsewhere. "Greed Over People" in huge block letters appeared at a grain processing facility along Hiawatha Avenue, while the same message as the Grain Belt sign -- "Get Out Phascists" -- showed up elsewhere.. KSTP puts clean-up of the above piece at around $3,000.

Note: As commenters at MnIndy decry any straight-news presentation on this graffiti as "glorifying" the act, a disclaimer: application of graffiti is illegal and should be in no way glorified.


deuddersun said...

Excellent! I still remember how they befouled my city with their disgusting little purple heart band-aids in '04.


Mercury Redbone said...

Wonderful. Now I'll look for someplace to glorify these!

Anonymous said...

yeah i also want to glorify these.