Atheist blogger faces death threats for plan to desecrate communion wafer

When conservative Catholics raged against a Florida college student for smuggling a communion host out of church -- some even threatening him with violence and death -- University of Minnesota biology professor PZ Myers was flabbergasted. A leading atheist blogger, he announced that if readers sent him a consecrated host he'd "show you sacrilege, gladly, and with much fanfare."

Now he's the one receiving death threats.

I interviewed Myers this morning on the intense reactions his blog posts have generated, from readers vowing to pray for him to those who want him dead.

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Unknown said...

He may have died twenty centuries ago, but baiting Jesus' followers into stupid arguments still hasn't gotten boring.

Anonymous said...

So I guess there are radical Christian fundamentalists who don't respect or tolerate others and there are also radical atheist fundamentalists who don't respect or tolerate others. It looks also like PZ has too much time on his hands.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. When will people learn that Jesus is not limited by objects, rituals and buildings? True belief is based upon a relationship with Him, not a philosophy about Him.