UnConventional: Art orgs ask citizens to "approve this message"

In the political theater of national nominating conventions, one aspect tends to get left out: the political theater of regular citizens. So, good thing The UnConvention, a group of Twin Cities-based arts organizations, is partnering with The UpTake to give people a more direct way to do some political theater of their own.

"I Approve This Message" invites first-person video submissions on the topics of civic engagement and politics, asking, "What would you say to a delegate" at the Republican National Convention. The videos can't explicitly endorse a candidate, and while the first few submissions -- including one filmed at the May Day Parade -- lean left, it's open to people of all political stripes. Submitted videos could end up on The UnConvention's YouTube Channel, the project website or at a Walker Art Center screening later this summer. Watch the quirky UpTake-produced intro video to get the basics, or attend one of the Walker's video workshops this summer to get up to speed.

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