Street-art: Found fishery in Nova Scotia

While it's often powerful when street artists "go big," there's something refreshing about the quiet discovery of a subtle, out-of-the-way piece. This one, spotted by John Devlin on four sides of a traffic-control box in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, features marker renderings of one of the peninsula's top industries. Devlin emailed that the piece is located just down the road from a fisherman's cove where lobster, tuna and smelt are hauled in. "The fishery of course is (still) a large part of life in Nova Scotia," he writes, "the collapse in the Newfoundland cod stocks notwithstanding."

Update 5/21/08: John writes back that the piece was really just sketches for a full-color version by commissioned artist Bill Johnson. Which is too bad; I much preferred the subtlety of the lineart version. At any rate, here's to more art in public places!

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