Designer chainsaws

For his show at Gallery 1998, Peter Gronquist presents a series of chainsaws and machine guns as if they were designed by couturiers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Prada. I wonder if he'll get a nastygram from Vuitton's clueless lawyers...Via Agenda.

Update: In comments, Whitney points out a fitting passage from Pynchon's Vineland:
The already confused Zoyd, whose survival instincts may not have been working all the way up to spec, decided to produce the chain saw from his bag. "Buster," he called plaintively to the owner behind the bar, "where's the media?" The implement attracted immediate attention from everyone in the room, not all of it technical curiosity. It was a tailor-made lady's chain saw, "tough enough for timber," as the commercials said, "but petite enough for a purse." The guide bar, handle grips, and housing were faced in genuine mother-of-pearl, and spelled out in rhinestones on the bar, surrounded by sawteeth ready to buzz, was the name of the young woman he'd borrowed it from, which onlookers took to be Zoyd's drag name, CHERYL.

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this is straight out of a pynchon novel. srsly. i posted the quote: