Bicycles, LOLcats and Obamemes

We've seen memes aplenty in the '08 presidential race,  from the anti-Hillary Apple/1984 ad of last year to "Obama girl" on YouTube. But in recent weeks the trend has taken a downright Dadaesque turn.

Vague, seemingly non sequitur websites have popped up right and left, including the surprisingly popular "[Candidate] Is Your New Bicycle" websites. Apparently started with an Obama version, the sites refresh with random messages, like "BARACK OBAMA FOLDED YOU AN ORIGAMI CRANE" and "BARACK OBAMA SET YOUR VOICE AS HIS RINGTONE."

The site has sparked dozens of others, including a less-than-friendly one for Hillary Clinton and "New Bicycle" pages for Michele Obama, John McCain and Ron Paul (who "WANTS TO SELL YOU GOLD").

My favorite of the Obamemes (if you will) is LOLbama.com. It inserts the ubiquitous LOLcats meme -- cat-photo aesthetic and misspelled musings included -- into the realm of contemporary electoral politics.

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