Art museum's bacon dispenser

Kate Strathmann at the Walker Art Center discovered an intervention of the hot-air hand dryers. Someone affixed the directive "push button, receive bacon," below the infographic which seemingly illustrates the same thing. But a quick google shows that it's a long-running gag, almost as old, it'd seem, as the one where the "w" and the word "warm" are scratched off dryers to read "rub hand under arm."

Someone at Etsy is selling buttons commemorating the meme (above), and Deviant Art has stencils:Here, according to one Reddit commenter, is where it all began: Maybe an artist should make a real bacon dispenser... unless someone already has.

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Mel Trittin said...

When I saw the title I thought you were going to comment on Museum gift shops. When we had the large Francis Bacon exhibit here in Milwaukee a year ago they were selling gummi bacon and bacon bandaids at the "you must walk through it to exit" gift shop.

Irony is alive and well.

Oh, and thanks for the virtual trip to Thailand.