"Beautiful Banyan"

Outside of Phimai is what's touted as Thailand's -- and possibly Southeast Asia's -- oldest and biggest banyan tree. Dubbed Sai Ngam (Beautiful Banyan), it's an island measuring around 15,000 square meters made up of one tree and its endless network of roots and branches.As Buddha meditated under a banyan (ficus) tree to achieve enlightenment, visitors flock to Sai Ngam to seek fortune of their own. Vendors are on hand to sell sell birds, oysters, and various kinds of fish to release to bring health, prosperity and good luck. We bought some oysters and a pair of eels to free in the water, which is just beyond a small temple where one can make offerings and prayers and the central banyan, which is draped with ceremonial flower strands.

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This is a very interesting post and an even more interesting Banyan tree.