How to write on the West Bank wall

At 620 km long and up to eight meters high, the Israeli West Bank barrier is a looming symbol of division. But it's also a mighty big canvas. A Dutch NGO has launched a project whereby anyone around the world can have their message spray-painted on the wall. For 30 Euros, web visitors to sendamessage.nl can get a personalized tag on the wall and three digital photos via email.

A portion of the funds go to the Amsterdam-based nonprofit that hosts the site, but "bulk of the money will go to the Palestinian NGO's (independent foundations) doing the work. They will fund small social, cultural and educational projects with the money earned (from buying bicycles to fixing the roof)." The funds will not go to purchase weapons, the site assures.

There are some restrictions to content: no extremist messages, no obscenity, and nothing that's "hurtful" to anyone, Israelis or Palestinians alike. The organizers say they hope to make a symbol of division and strife into a vehicle for bringing people together. The project's Palestinian participants, the site says, have a single, simple message: "We are human beings, just like you, with sense of humour, and lust for life."

[Thank, Emily Taylor!]


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hey paul, if you dig that, check out my friend ronen's work


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hmm just tried it. no idea whether I've thrown my money away or whether my order actually got through

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