The WAC Ten

The Walker Art Center blogs have released their top 10 lists for 2007. Broken into three installments, it's a pretty fun list.

Part 1: Minnesota architecture/design highlights by design director Andrew Blauvelt; best online videos by Teen Arts Council member Marty Marosi; and best video games, by New Media designer Brent Gustafson.

Part 2: The top ten things assistant visual arts curator Doryun Chong saw, read or heard last year; film/video assistant Joe Beres' top 10 films; designer Emmet Byrne's top nine fonts; and design fellow Vance Wellenstein's top 10 most frequently played mp3s.

Part 3: My entry on the top things I miss about working at the Walker; tech top ten by Walker New Media's Justin Heideman and Robin Dowden; and designer Ryan Nelson's favorite Pantone colors use in 2007.


Alex said...

I know it's architecture and all, but all I ever see when I see the Walker from this angle is an angry alien head.

mamichan said...

I liked your top ten best.