Shepard Fairey's Obama Posters

Barack by ShepardAs Obama supporters are calling on Al Gore to endorse Barack before Super-Duper Tuesday on Feb. 5 and the NY Post characterizes Ted Kennedy's endorsement as "Bamalot," Shepard Fairey puts his skills to use on a three-part poster series for the Illinois senator.


Grace Kelly said...

Wow, you come up with best little tid bits.

Anonymous said...

Fairey did not do his homework this time. It's funny because now he is backing a guy endorsed by the CFR to further the agenda. Obama has a horrible voting record that includes, increasing troops to Iraq, more war spending, yes on patriot act, yes on waterboard torture and much more.

Shepard you are such a poser, you make a career of ripping of the stenberg brothers and calling it punk rock, now you endorse a manchurian candidate. Your campaign is true to the Obey way.

It should only read Obey Obama! then it would be more true to this devil.

Anonymous said...

The thing I dislike about anon postings is that you can't tell if they work for the other side, are crazy, or stupid, so it's hard to know what the appropriate response is. Ignoring them is a decent option all things considered.