American Happiness: Brian Ulrich in Mother Jones

Yesterday, I did a phone interview with my friend, Chicago photographer Brian Ulrich, about his newest series of photos shot in backrooms at big-box stores, as well as his two earlier pieces that'll appear in the Walker Art Center's show on suburbia, Worlds Away, which opens next month (fellow Chicagrapher and friend Greg Stimac will be featured, too).

Taking a break from audio editing, I stopped by MotherJones.com to read a chilling essay about the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, a piece of legislation described by Dennis Kucinich as a "thought-crimes bill" that "sets the stage for further criminalization of protest" (it sailed through the House and will hit the Senate in the coming weeks). And there on Mother Jones' sidebar I see Brian's work. The magazine's March/April issue features his photo essay, headlined "American Happiness and the need to consume." Check back in the next week to get a little context: My audio slideshow with Brian will be posted here and at the Walker's Off-Center blog. Congratulations, Brian!

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