Assholier than Thou

As a Catholic boy, I can say it:

What's up with the jackasses at Notre Dame, the Catholic -- and therefore, I'd hope, Christ-like -- university who are wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the words, "Gay? Go to hell"? A sophomore at the school offers context and her opinion:
...When several of us went up to a couple of the men trying to see what their point was, their reply was that they were trying to take the attention away from the "Gay? Fine by me" shirts. How did these shirts do this? How do they portray a message besides one of judgment and prejudice? Regardless of personal opinion, we learn in the Catholic teachings that man is not perfect, and one of the many lessons that Jesus teaches is that one should not judge others for no one is perfect. Since these men were using the Catholic religion for their reasons, they should follow one of the most popular doctrines of the Catholic religion: We should accept others as they are and not judge, for who are we to judge?...
Amen, sister.

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