North Minneapolis Mural: Juxtaposition Arts & Asian Media Access

I don't want to get down on my 'hood, but things in North Minneapolis have been scary lately. In the past few weeks, we've seen a 12-year-old girl shot in the head by a stray bullet, a DHL driver shot, a school bus driver grazed, a 17-year-old boy shot, to name but a few. But too often our neighborhood gets defined by these events instead of the good work the other 99 percent of us are doing.

So a huge shout out to Asian Media Access, their ambitious media programming, and the new building they're renovating on Plymouth Avenue near Sheridan. To match the revitalization going on inside the former church, they invited Juxtaposition Arts' advanced mural class to create a mural along the east side of the building. (I'm planning on talking to AMA's executive director Ange Huang and Juxtaposition's Roger Cummings, so check back for more.)

Apparently it's just a first step toward a comprehensive Multi-Arts Complex that'll include space for performance and film screening, offices, a noodle shop, and a training center. (Donate here.)

The project and the mural are a welcome dose of color -- and optimism -- for the northside.

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Deedivine said...

this is super! thanks for posting it. we do our best.