Minnpost Remixed

Not fond of Minnpost's just-released design? Make your own!

That's what Co-op Media's Justin Heideman did. A new media designer at the Walker Art Center by day (and creator of Eric Black Ink and the Center for Independent Media website), Heideman came up with "a better Minnpost" and, in the spirit of constructive criticism, shared his work with the site's web editor Corey Anderson.

His tweaks included: dropping dot-com from the masthead, breaking out of the standard (and "stale") three-column format, moving columns to highlight feature stories, and giving the Minnpost In Print section -- for downloadable pdfs of the day's content -- less prominence (it'll "probably see limited use and those that do will know where to find it").

But the top priority? "Changing the title to a more contemporary font and working within shades of the ugly MN color scheme could also do a lot visually."

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