My Flak Moment

First came the butter-up, then the drubbing.

As a guest host on this week's edition of the Flak Magazine podcast, I was introduced as being among Taylor Carik and Jim Norton's all-time wish list for guests, an auspicious roster with names ranging from John Goodman to Nelson Mandela, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet to Gwar. Disoriented by flattery, I was then summarily destroyed by Taylor in the news quiz (who knew Twinkies have some of the same ingredients as rocket fuel and shampoo?).

But before that, we had a great discussion on new media and the Twin Cities newspaper scene, internet oddities (from a TV news report on a drunk guy stuck in a chimney to Eyeteeth's post on the Bush family pool boy), new music (Iron & Wine's The Shepherd's Dog and the inadvisability of metal bands attempting to cover a Ronnie James Dio classic), and Taylor's discovery that entire movies, like Red Dawn and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, are available in small-screen splendor on YouTube.

Sincerely, these guys are great -- sharp as tacks, incredibly informed, funny as hell, and definitely worth your listening time -- and I enjoyed being a part of their show. Give a listen.

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