Brave Green Worlds

uovo14.jpgUOVO, an arts quarterly published in Turin, went green this issue, as the Barcelona-based curatorial duo known as Latitudes -- former Walker curatorial fellow Max Andrews (and Land, Art editor) and partner Mariana Canepa-Luna -- were given free reign as guest editors. Continuing their explorations of art and ecology, the issue sounds intriguing:
Issue 14 presents interviews, essays, projects and two CDs around art practices that resist the spectacularisation or romanticisation of ecological issues or the natural world. Instead their practices explore the operational function and processes of ecosystems themselves, a capacity to comprehend connections and transgress disciplines and boundaries while addressing the uniformly conflicted future of the planet. In a world where one of the US government's recent senior environmental appointees (Allan Fitzsimmons) has been supporting his view for nearly a decade that ecosystems do not exist, such artistic provocations – with a keen understanding of the new post-environmental world – can only be valuable for our collective sanity.

Andrews and Canepa-Luna are contributors to the exhibition catalogue for Brave New Worlds, the Walker exhibition of socially engaged international art that opens in October, and for the UOVO project, they brought in that exhibition's curator, Doryun Chong, as well as Walker Visual Art Curator Peter Eleey, who interviewed artist Michael Rakowitz.

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