Collapse papers on sale at ebay

One place where newspapers are selling -- if not on the newsrack -- is on eBay, where papers reporting Barry Bonds' historic 756th home run Tuesday night are picking up bids. But a bit more ghoulish are the entrepeneurs trying to sell the August 2 editions of the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press featuring the 35W collapse stories. One has a starting bid of a dollar (plus $4 shipping) for a copy of the Strib; it hasn't received a single bid. Another seller, apparently aiming to be positively affected by the tragedy, includes an image of a flower and the italicized text, "Heartfelt wishes to all who have been negatively affected by this tragedy." Full editions of both dailies have a buy-it-now price of $19.99, but don't bother trying: in comments, the seller says he/she will only sell to people who "live out of state and desire what is being offered."

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