35W Updates...

My cohorts at Minnesota Monitor are doing excellent coverage of the collapse of I-35W in downtown Minneapolis, including regular updates to last night's live blog, a look at local blogger responses, and this spooky by-the-numbers piece by Robin Marty:
Minnesota currently has more than 3,300 bridges older than the I-35W bridge that collapsed Wednesday.

Minnesota has 1,500 bridges listed as either structurally deficient or obsolete. (via Poynter)

According to the Star Tribune, there are currently four dead, 79 injured and 20 missing in this catastrophe.

AP image via Norwegianity.
There have been eight famous bridge collapses in the last 100 years, including this memorable film of "Galloping Gertie." (See here for more bridge disasters.)

Currently, there are nearly 2,600 news hits and nearly 1,700 blog hits for bridge collapse+Minnesota.

Star Tribune photo via Norwegianity.

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