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I'm so not cool. That's what you'll learn in the next few minutes, thanks to Taylor tagging me with the "What are the biggest musical skeletons in your closet?" meme. My closet rattles, man.

Skeleton #1: I once said (truthfully), "I listened to The Gin Blossoms before they were popular."

I probably said the same thing about the Dave Matthews Band.

Skeleton #2: In 7th grade, I lip-synched the song "Heavens On Fire" as a member of a mute, faux version of Animalize-era KISS in the St. Francis Cabrini Middle School gym. I cut the sleeves of a baseball shirt the long way to create a flouncy, Dee Snyderesque look while simultaneously unleashing my 13-year old pipes (that's biceps, ladies). I wore white Levi's, bleached in a 5-gallon white plastic pickle bucket in the garage. Using a permanent marker, I drew zebra stripes all over the pants. Stinky. To cap it off, I used as a prop the electric guitar I'd yet to learn to play -- a replica (read: knock-off) of Eddie Van Halen's red and white striped guitar. The nuns? Nonplussed.

Skeleton #3: I sang a White Lion song at a high school talent show, solo.

And I wore a pink sweater and acid-washed gray Levi's while I did it.

I Tag: Mark, André, Chuck, Hans, and Justin.

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Scooter said...

Ouch... Fortunately, you'll be able to go see White Lion at Big Lake in a week and relive the old days.