Living in a Northwest Airlines hub, we Minneapolitans have to live with less than stellar flights from time to time (like our cancelled flight home from San Francisco recently; the airline rescheduled us to a midnight flight that took seven hours. When we chose to stay an extra night at a hotel instead, they refused to kick in for the extra expense). So when given a chance to give a little less to this repeatedly disappointing company, I jump.

Like their recent offer of 500 free miles in exchange for filling out a survey. I tried to take the survey, but a technical glitch prevented it. Today, I was asked again, only the ante -- measley already -- was upped to 750 miles. I successfully completed the survey and, in true Northwest fashion, got my reward.... 500 free miles.

Totally minor, but par for the course.


Anonymous said...

I had an American Airlines flight out of O'Hare last week that was delayed 4 hours - they gave me 7,000 miles. NWA gave me 250 last year for a similar occurance ( plane at the gate waiting for a flight crew ). Cheap bastards!

Paul Schmelzer said...

Wow. Good to know. So, anyone got a tip on getting cheap fares (or am I welcoming comment spam by asking that?)? I like Kayak.com, but there must be others... or some other method to get cheaper flights.

Leslie Madsen-Brooks said...

Two quick Northwest Airlines stories:

1. Flying from Minneapolis to Des Moines: never got high enough off the ground to not see COWS. The whole trip we could hear the landing gear trying to close. No luck, so a few minutes short of Des Moines, we turned around and went back to MN.

2. When my grandfather died, my dad and uncle went to LAX to catch a flight to Minneapolis and then to South Dakota. At the same time, other members of the family got in their car and drive frim Southern California to SD. Want to guess who arrived first?