Lil Cohen, 6-year-old street-art phenom, to show in Mpls

At six years old, Cohen Morano has a list of collaborators that would be the envy of most artists. He's created works with Barry McGee, Tim Biskup, Albert Reyes, UPSO, David Choe, and Aaron Horkey, to name a few.

Thanks to his dad, Aye Jaye Morano, who took his son's watercolors on the road while doing book-signings for Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, Cohen now has more than 100 joint works to his credit. The pieces will be on view at Minneapolis' First Amendment Gallery (run by the principals of the design firm Burlesque of North America, formerly of Life Sucks Die magazine) at an opening June 16. Images, via Mumble Magazine, are by Barry McGee, Doze Green, and Winston Smith.

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