Embedded with Hate: BBC doc on Phelps Family

In a fantastic documentary for the BBC, Louis Theroux is embedded with the Phelps family, "the most hated family in America" (according to the doc's title). The 70-some members of Fred Phelps' family also make up the Westboro Baptist Church, notorious for protesting at the funerals of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and for racist, homophobic protest signs like "God Hates Fags." Watch all seven parts. Here's part one:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Paul. It's truly amazing. I always did like Louis :)

- AH

Karen said...

Good heavens. I knew the basics of the Phelps' message, but I had no idea just how extreme it is. That none of that family can recognize their internal contradictions (God can do evil, but their protests are all "10s" because everything God does is perfect) or their faulty logic (homosexuality is adultery because some married men have gay sex--as if just because some men are thiefs it means all are) is as much an indictment of the ease with which such poison takes hold as it is of an educational system that turns out such uncritical thinkers.

Eleven children growing up with this--it borders on child abuse.