The Books: Take Time

Last night we saw The Books perform at the Walker. Their wonderfully textured sample-based music was accompanied by projections created from footage found at thrift stores along their tour route. The crowd was young and hip--one I hadn't seen at the Walker before--but the band was refreshingly earnest and offered up songs and videos delivered with what I'd have to call deadpan sweetness. Here's one of my favorite pieces, which I dedicate to my dad, who's retiring Monday after four decades as a marriage and family counselor, adoption agent, and social worker. It's called "Take Time."


Mark Gisleson said...

The Books were at The Walker?


I have got to remember to pay more attention to their concert schedule.

Anonymous said...

I was there as well, had a great time, esp not knowing what to expect from the show. Loved the first song for his kid, and the one with the lyrics on the screen. Amazing.

We were up on the third floor, on the left side which looks about where you were.

Paul Schmelzer said...

We were on the third-floor balcony right in front, but I didn't shoot this video (should've mentioned that earlier). This is footage from a Philadelphia show, but if you click through the video, you can see other tracks like "Meditation" (with the letters of the word rearranged a zillion ways) and the alphabet song.