Wrong on several levels

I've never been a fan of wearing your patriotism on your quarter panel, but this twist on the "Support our troops" car ribbon is just wrong. Especially considering the "Support Pimpin'" ribbon was spotted on my street in north Minneapolis, the local neighborhood hardest hit by gang violence and prostitution. I invite those who call me out as humor-impaired to join me next time I pick up the telltale signs of pimpin', used condoms dumped on my kerb.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your insight with these ridiculous vehicle "support" signs. The other day, I saw the following: "Support Our Troops", "My Child Is A ___ Honor Student", "God is My Co-Pilot", and "Former Member Of Mother's Against Drunk Driving". Pimping wasn't a part of this vehicle - however, maybe the "Co-Pilot" aforementioned had been a healing force.
By the way, if God is the "Co-Pilot" perhaps the Pilot is the reason that the individual was against drunk driving.
Just another one of those things.