Lucky pig?

This unfortunate-looking two-faced pig is an indicator of luck to Thais in Mookdahan Province, according to Thai-Blogs. Villagers sought out the piglet in hopes of learning lucky numbers for the national lottery. Richard Barrow writes that Thais "look for anything auspicious or unusual" to improve their lottery chances:
One was the footprints of a Naga snake on top of a car. People were looking for numbers in the patterns. Another was a pig which had two faces. Today comes another story from the Thai Rath newspaper. A man from Udornthanee bought a betel nut palm to decorate his restaurant. After a short while, he noticed that the leaves of the plant were growing into the shape of the King of the Nagas, a highly respected serpent snake. As soon as the locals heard about this they came flocking to his restaurant to pay respect and also to beg for the winning lottery numbers!

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