While NPR headlined a story today "No End in Sight to Darfur Conflict," the BBC quotes Kofi Annan, who's optimistic that the country will allow UN peacekeepers into Darfur after reading reports that "encourage me to think we may tomorrow (Saturday) receive a green light from [Sudan's] President Bashir." And, this paper says Khartoum already OK'd a "hybrid" peacekeeping force that'll replace the 7,000 African Union troops who've been patrolling the region.

Watch it: Via Coudal, here's the trailer for the Sundance Audience Award-winning documentary God Grew Tired of Us (image above), a true story of some of Sudan's "lost boys" who walked a thousand miles to escape the civil war and Khartoum's bombings raids during the country's civil war and ended up in the U.S.

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