Fruit Roll-Up Shirt

Artist, entrepeneur, and Minnesota Rollergirl Rebecca Yaker makes some curious clothing. Her portfolio includes an un-Prom dress made out of sock monkeys, an outfit "constructed out of toy foods (tomatoes, cheese slices, roast beef, white bread, bologna, hamburgers, and lettuce), clear vinyl, and plastic coated metal," and this sweet Fruit Roll-Up Western Shirt:
This shirt is constructed entirely out of various fruit roll-ups--strawberry, tropical fruit, and electric blue (not really a recognizable favor, but it's tasty)--finished with rhinestone snaps up the center placket. It was nearly impossible not to eat my supplies, but somehow I managed not to.


tom said...

What happens when the ants find you?

rebecca said...

The shirt goes in the trash before they have a CHANCE to find you......sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to coat it in something like Hodge Podge or some other sealant to make it last longer, or would that defeat the whole concept?