From iPod to iFrod.

Apple honcho Steve Jobs famously says we "have to buy a new iPod at least once a year." To be fair, he was referring to the tech-obsessed (and, apparently, money-to-burn) buyer who always wants "the latest and greatest." But if you're like me, you might want a new one to replace the broken one in your junk drawer.

Enter: Stay Free! In a project on planned obsolescence, they're asking, "Why does the portable player widely considered the hallmark of savvy design typically die in little over a year? Are ipods 'made to break'? Or simply, as some critics have suggested, run-of-the-mill e-waste?"

They're looking for broken iPods--your donationed pods are tax-deductible!--for a project that'll be lauched at iFrod.org, plus they'd like iPod artists to transform their impotent units into "something deliciously useless: finger puppet? toy car? coaster?" Email photos of your creations for display on the site.

Details here.

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rew said...

funny, I thought it was just me. I got one as an office Christmas present in 2004, and it's been dead since Chrismas 2005.