Audio Blog: Thomas Hirschhorn

Over at the Walker, we're hosting the exhibition Heart of Darkness, featuring large-scale installations by Thomas Hirschhorn, Ellen Gallagher, and Kai Althoff. I've been blogging on the installation and ideas behind Hirschhorn's piece Cavemanman, and today we posted the first-ever Walker Audio Blog. Covering the political and historical influences of the piece (bin Laden at Tora Bora, graffiti artists and Lascaux), his unorthodox materials (packing tape, cardboard, aluminum foil), and how the mind can be structured like a cave, it turned out to be a wide-ranging look at Hirschorn's "collage in the third dimension."

Listen to the podcast here. As it's my first podcast, please leave feedback in the comments. Thanks.

More on the installation here and here.

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