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Even in a Star Tribune editorial endorsing opponent Coleen Rowley, John Kline's military service gets a mention: "He had a distinguished career in the Marines and retains a passion for military and veterans' issues." As one of only a few Republican members of Congress who served in the armed forces and has family in the US Military, Kline's service is worth mention, but does his "passion" for veterans issues translate into his voting record?

According to a new scorecard by the Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans of America (IAVA), America's largest Iraq veterans group, the answer is: sort of.

The 2nd district congressman scored a "C" in based on "his voting history on issues that affect US troops, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, and military families."

Kline scored far better on IAVA's tally than other Republicans in Minnesota--and the country. While Democrats Sen. Mark Dayton got an A- and Rep. Martin Sabo ranked a B+, Republicans Norm Coleman and Mark Kennedy scored a D and C+ respectively.

In fact, Republicans dominated the bottom of the list on their support-the-troops votes (155 Senate votes on matters that affect the military or military familes since 9/11/2001).

Here's how others ranked:

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