Like talking to a shrub...

In the noisy clutter of TV advertising, the best way to cut through is with a simple clear message. And a new spot by Harold Ickes' 527 group, the September Fund, uses an easy gag to take a swipe at our tin-eared president: getting answers on everything from an Iraq withdrawal to why the hurricane-struck Gulf Coast is so slowly rebuilding--is like talking to an actual bush (rimshot). According to the Washington Post, Democratic organizer Ickes has raised somewhere between $5 and $10 million to air the spots in key states, including the Twin Cities, during the final days before the election. As Republican groups prepare to sink millions on TV placements (and money is tight for Democrats) one last effort to link GOP candidates to the ever-unpopular Bush is probably smart, but to this writer, the ad offers a bit of comic relief amid the increasingly ugly barrage of attack ads.

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